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This web site presents a range of Australian animalsand other featured items cast in bronze.

Wentorf Bronze skillfully casts bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze trophies and bronze corporate gifts in a range of wildlife art sculptures of Australian animals such as kangaroos, possums, platypus, penguins, koalas, dolphins, wombats, frogs, lizards, Tasmanian Devils and Tasmanian Tigers.

We use the lost wax casting process to produce an exquisite range of bronze sculptures. Every cast is unique. Each piece is first produced in wax that is then coated in a ceramic slurry to build a shell of 5mm thickness. The wax is removed under steam pressure and the ceramic shell fired to 1000° Celsius to remove the wax and vitrify the shell. Molten bronze is then poured into the shell. After cooling, each shell is sandblasted off to reveal the bronze. Each piece is patinated, polished and clear coated.

We also work to commission, including unique corporate gifts, luxury gifts & gifts for clients; 8th wedding anniversary gifts and 19th wedding anniversary gifts; bronze trophies and statuettes for awards and prizes; and are constantly developing a collectors range of Limited Edition art sculptures.





We welcome enquiries from galleries and corporate clients.

Ring on 0448463222

Email david@wentorfbronzeart.com.au

bronze art casting process