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A roar explodes from the crowd the huge doors open and the chariots thunder in. Each chariot has a driver and female warrior in a bronze breastplate. This is a scene from the film the gladiators the battle of carthage which inspired me to create this piece.

I had the idea of a chariot from the film (Ben Hur) for a very long time but it was not until I saw the gladiators that I was able to gather all the detailed information on this piece.

I will ship world wide in a timber crate the price of shipping is dependant on location.
This original bronze sculpture  was hot cast at my own foundry by the lost wax casting process. Each piece is highly detailed and has a multi coloured patina finish {see photos} it took months to produce. It can be  mounted on a variety  of bases cast bronze marbel or Tasmanian oak timberit is an edition of 10 

Dimensions:The base is 1420mm (56") long and 560mm (22") wide.
Each horse is 810mm (32") from nose to tail long and 580mm (23") high the figures are 510mm (20") high the length of the chariot is 480mm (19").
Chariot can be purchased complete or in pieces If you require any further information please email me.  This piece is made to order. Please  e-mail for details

please email for pricing

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